A platform is a commitment between a candidate and supporters; it is a vision of the path forward, a blueprint and a promise. This is what Ione Townsend seeks to accomplish as FDP Chair in her first term.




  • The primary goal of the Florida Democratic Party is to show voters what it means to be a Democrat. In recent years, Florida Democrats have struggled to define ourselves and our values and, as a result, we’ve allowed Republicans to do it for us. We must communicate who we are and what we believe in so when candidates run with a D next to their name, we know what they stand for. 

  • Our job is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Because we have allowed the Republican agenda to pass unchecked and unchallenged, the people have lost faith in us. Our job is to restore that faith so that we can fight together against the corporate greed, nepotism, and unrelenting selfishness of the Republican party of Florida. 


  • We are tasked with rebuilding the Florida Democratic Party into a transparent organization that is accountable to the people that we represent. We must organize year-round for community engagement and we do this by moving reliance from high-dollar consultants to community organizers and ending the transactional practice of only showing up in communities when we need their vote. 


  • We must create a party that reflects the diverse communities and constituencies that make up the Florida Democratic Party, both in our Democratic Executive Committees and in our staff. The only way this can be achieved is through ending the undemocratic weighted vote, where approximately 40% of the voting power is expected to be concentrated in the hands of just 10 individuals.


  • End the undemocratic weighted vote so that the faces of leadership within the party reflect the diverse communities and constituencies that make up the Florida Democratic Party

  • Adopt process for transparent budgeting, contracting & tracking of actual spending

  • Conduct regular financial & organizational audits

  • End reliance on large corporate donors that clearly conflict with our values

  • Adopt a code of ethics and create a confidential process for reporting violations to be investigated. Those in violation will be held accountable, both in Democratic Executive Committees and in the paid staff of the Florida Democratic Party 



  • Hire experienced Caucus Directors in the House and Senate who are independent of leadership and elections cycles in order to coordinate legislative races, promoting stability and increase institutional knowledge 

  • Hire a director of Diversity and Inclusion that will work with state committees, county parties, and candidate recruitment teams to break down barriers to inclusion (click here for example)

  • Rebuild fractured relationships with allied organizations that are united in our values to fight against the Republican agenda 

  • Provide effective training and onboarding for Democratic leaders & activists, including Party officers, club and caucus leaders, grassroots activists, and campaign staff

  • Establish shared support services for county DECs to create economies of scale, including accounting, legal, technology, design, mailing, etc.

  • Build upon organizational strengths by creating tools & processes to share best practices and lessons learned statewide



  • Define the Republican party as an enemy of the working class and hold them accountable for their actions and call attention to the failure of Republican policies 

  • Redefine the narrative surrounding the word “Democrat” and directly work on our own platform that incorporates our values

  • Hire diverse, experienced professionals to improve Party messaging and outreach year-round




  • Adopt clear goals and track key metrics statewide, including voter registration, mail ballot registration, turnout, NPA conversion, DEC membership and engagement, door knocks, calls, candidate recruitment, etc.

  • Publish an annual calendar for FDP events at the beginning of each year

  • Prioritize key races & effectively recruit, vet, and train candidates at every level of government

  • Strengthen Party committees so their work is meaningful and appoint committee members based on skill strength, not patronage

"My goal for the Florida Democratic Party is to build trust

and party infrastructure through integrity, transparency, accountability and an unshakeable commitment to representation through vigorous 'small d' democracy."

Ione Townsend, candidate for FDP Chair